Vogue 50 mm Mix & Match Metal Pole Collection Pineapple Finial

Finial Designs only available in colours as per image.


Finial: Pineapple. Colour: Brushed Steel.
Rod type: Smooth or Reeded.

Colour options

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  • Vogue 50mm Pole
    Available in Brushed Steel (BS) – Smooth or Reeded; Black Nickel (BN) – Smooth Only

    Code No. Length
    VOG50160/ 160cm (5'3")    
    VOG50200/ 200cm (6'6") 
    VOG50240/ 240cm (7'10")  1 piece
    VOG50320/ 160cm x 2  (10'6") 2 pieces plus joiner.

    Vogue 50mm Finial Designs

    Code No. Length AB BS BN
    VOG50FIN01 Large Metal Ball
    VOG50FIN02 Cracked Glass
    VOG50FIN03 Crystina 
    VOG50FIN04 Pineapple  
    VOG50FIN05 Urn
    VOG50FIN06 Acorn    
    VOG50FIN07 Glass Bubble  

    Components & Accessories
    Available in Brushed Steel (BS) and Black Nickel (BN) 

    Code No. Description
    VOG50650AF/ "A" Frame Bracket (each)
    VOG50650OC/ Open Cup Bracket (each)
    VOG50100/ Nylon Lined Rings (Pack of 6)
    VOGLGHOL/ Holdback - Disc (1 pair)
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